Writing News on Orange, from President Macron to France’s favourite dish

Providing news for a mainstream web portal such as Orange may prove tricky, outside of “hot news” peaks. We do this by covering “feature stories”: calendar milestones such as elections, both national and international, and unforeseeable events (such as terrorist attacks) set the pace for journalists working on the Orange news portal. Outside of these hustle and bustle periods, we have time to address the more quiet and trivial feature stories. We also have more leeway to explore the innovative formats which are not favoured for news items.

For instance, an unexpected twist in the Grégory case is the perfect occasion to work on a timeline:

Sundays are also a good time to put together a video on France’s favourite dish:

One way of winning the readership’s loyalty is to fabricate periodicity. The 6-month anniversary of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency was a must-do:

Each Friday, visitors can check out our selection of the best politician’s catch phrases:

We will also be preparing a number of 2017 throwback specials as the end of the year draws near and the holiday season kicks in.

Stay tuned on Orange!

© John Hefti/AFP-Services/CONCACAF