Video training in the Philippines

French Video-Journalist Richard Vallantin went to the Manilla during 4 days in order to train a group of 16 print journalists in filming and video editing.

Tuesday March 16th, 2016
Take off to Manilla, Philippines
Assignment: 4-day training in the capital city of the Philippines, at the Philippines Star headquarters, the first daily Filipino newspaper.

Thursday March 18th, 2016
Arrival at the Philippines Star Building, in the harbor district. The old building, a symbol for the thriving free press after the Marcos years, houses large rotary presses which print 200 000 copies of the newspaper every day.

The first contact with the trainees is promising, all are cheerful and keen. Just like everywhere in the world, printed press is moving on to digital news and the aim of the newspaper is to propose an Internet portal offering a video coverage of the national news. Video reporting is definitely part of their future as a journalist.

We soon get to the heart of the matter, tackling frames, angles, sequences… the trainees are impressive: they learn fast and well. They are primarily journalists, and using a camera rather than a pen is fairly natural.

The timing is short and both groups of 8 people have two days to grasp the basics of video reporting. Challenge accepted, though, and with genuine enthusiasm: by the end of the 4 days, we are able to show the films to the entire newsroom. All are impressed.

I learnt a lot during this assignment, especially about how comfortable these young journalists are using connected tools, and how quickly they manage to adapt to technological changes.