the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla

So Amandine, you spent three weeks this summer in Colombia. Why?

Yes, I was sent by AFP-Services to cover the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, the local regional Olympic Games for Central America. Our client was the Colombian Olympic Committee.

Looks like it wasn’t exactly a vacation. How was the workload?

I worked 21 days in a row, from July 19 to August 5, with 6 Colombian photographers. The days were very long: you know when it starts but not when it ends! We covered a maximum of competitions every day, with 4 photographers in Barranquilla, 1 in Cali and 1 in Bogota. The aim was to select and edit at least 200 photos per day for the AFP Forum distribution platform.

At first there were a lot of technical problems, but it’s normal for an event of this size, the logistics are huge. So it was a lot of pressure for me, but we didn’t encounter a problem that couldn’t be solved!

Indeed! Do you think the client was satisfied?

Yes, they were delighted. We finally published 2000 photos instead of the 1000 that were planned, and there have been a lot of pick-ups and downloads on AFP Forum, which is a very good criterion of success.

Anything else to add? A fun fact, a lesson to learn?

A funny and amazing story: during the opening ceremony, I couldn’t find my contact in the crowded stadium, and the network was saturated. I started to work sitting in the bleachers with my computer on my lap and miraculously someone finally came to take me to the control room, where the master of ceremonies stood while doing his show. I found myself working in the small glass cubicle, with a superb view on the parades and on Shakira’s concert!