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AFP-Services is the “on-demand” branch of international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP).  Headquartered in central Paris, we provide customized video and production services for institutions, corporations and the media.  Our worldwide network of 600 video journalists and photographers is primed to tell the stories our clients need to have told.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFP, AFP-Services is uniquely positioned to offer world-class coverage at local rates. The AFP Service distribution network provides a direct pipeline to the world’s leading media via a multimedia digital platform, and via satellite for broadcasters.

Anywhere & anytime, any platform & any language.



AFP-Services creates the original content you need: videos and photos; text reports, social network feeds, live blogging; animated graphics and infographics – all of it backed by the highest level of technical support.  We can assemble crews for sophisticated multi-camera, live events happening on several continents at the same time.  Or we can dispatch a versatile video journalist who can – working solo – manage a project from start to finish. Depending on the creative brief for a video assignment, the remit can include any or all of the following elements: preparatory “pre-production” stage; script writing; conducting interviews; filming on location or in studio; editing and voicing; post-production, including titling and original music. The Europe-based Core Team is positioned to quickly assemble and mobilize experienced local crews with deep knowledge of their territory.

video VIDEO

We have the world covered with a network of 250 video journalists who can work together as a team or get the job done on their own.

photo PHOTO

More than 350 news-savvy photographers scattered across the globe give AFP-Services an unrivalled reach. Anywhere, anytime.


We can deliver anything, from classic news-like articles to cutting edge social network campaigns across multiple platform.

graphic-design AFP FORUM

AFP’s Web-based multimedia platform delivers all the agency’s media content – video, photo, videographics and graphics.



When television clients have the editorial resources to cover an international conference, a major breaking story or a G-20 summit but prefer local sourcing for camera crews and/or technical infrastructure, AFP-Services has the solution.  In one of our most rapidly expanding sectors, AFP-Services offers a complete suite of technical services for broadcasters.  For major planned events, our on-site studios propose live stand-up positions, full-equipped camera crews and satellite delivery systems.  For major breaking stories, our mobile studios offer the same range of services.  Case in point: When Paris was hit simultaneously by multiple terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, AFP-Services was there to help major media from around the world cover the aftermath, including CNN, TV Asahi, tbs, RTL, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg Television.  Coming to the Rio Olympics?  We’ll be there!



In December 2015, AFP-Services joined with the European Broadcasting Union (Eurovision) to develop a Web-based platform that instantly gives broadcasters access a worldwide network of video journalists.  The online booking tool allows broadcasters to hire a video journalist anywhere in the world, within minutes, any time of night or day, from a dedicated portal (eurovision.net).  All video journalists have been certified or trained up by AFP-Services to perform the functions of cameraman, editor, reporter and producer. Because they are locally sourced, understanding local culture and languages in remote geographical areas is no longer a hurdle.