Back from Rio! With Amandine Jouan

So Amandine ! you left almost overnight for Rio to be the producer at the Olympics Games for a photo contract. Tell us, what was it like?

It was a very rewarding experience. Professionally of course, but also personally! My work there consisted in coordinating the photographers that were covering the competitions so that everything would go smoothly. I was also in charge of editing the photos and I was the main contact person for our client, one of the sponsors of the Games. I had to be available all the time to respond to their inquiries.

I guess it all started at once? Would you tell us more?

When I arrived it was very hectic: no hotel, no phone… the “perks” of hasty departures! I was a bit anxious during the first client meeting, as I realized it all rested on my shoulders! There was a new challenge, a new problem to be solved everyday. But in the end it all went very  well.

Ever had an anxiety attack?

On the last day they were taking down the press center where I had been working so I had to work at my hotel, except there was a storm and the electricity went off so I couldn’t switch on my computer (or the corridor light, for that matter). Thankfully the photo desk covers all continents, so my colleague working the Americas was able to take over from Washington. This one of AFP-Services’ strengths, there is always someone ready to jump in!

Speaking about colleagues, wasn’t it too hard being stranded in Brazil?

No, as I said before, we’re lucky at AFP-Services to have AFP as a support. I was able to rely on the Head of Photo in charge of the Games. Richard, our very own VJ, was there for another client, so it was nice to talk to him every now and then. I even went shooting with him once, it was fantastic! I’ve gone home with splendid memories, and I’m proud I managed this project all the way through. It was the first time I ever worked with a creative team of a company and I discovered a new way of seeing things, a different perspective on my work. We usually work with the communications department of our clients… I learnt a lot! In this case I needed to strike the correct balance between the specifics of a big sponsor and IP rights. But AFP-Services can adapt to anything and the client was happy. I delivered 1300 photos and managed the project all the way, from client relations to editing and logistics. It was a great personal experience and another success for AFP-Services!

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