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How can the somewhat remote European Parliament’s work and decisions be understood by the citizens? EuroparlTV, the European Parliament’s online video channel, was designed to provide the answers. AFP-Services, as a member of a corporate consortium, has been adressing the challenge of providing content for it since October 2016. Indeed, we have been awarded the responsibility of creating and providing the Parliament’s channel’s news video content. A dedicated team of a dozen journalists, infographers, camera operators and editors has been put together a year ago, under the supervision of Yann, our seasoned journalist specialized in EU issues. Donatienne handles the production and Jennifer deals with creative and technical aspects of the contents produced. The team has developed a wide array of formats, which allow for coverage of the Parliament’s news on the various distribution platforms: web pages, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

In the manner of MPs and the EU civil servants, the team goes back and forth between Strasbourg and Brussels, covering the plenary sessions in one place and the commissions’ daily work in the other. Our videos are produced in English under very short deadlines, and subsequently translated into 23 languages. They give background to complicated issues, using strong news images, educational infographics and powerful soundbites from MPs. The idea is to explain how the citizens are impacted by the Parliament’s decisions, or to shed light on special events, such as the European tribute to Helmut Kohl, or the election of the President of the Parliament. But our activity is not limited to Brussels or Strasbourg: we travel the world, to report on issues of importance for the EP’s activity: the laureates of the Sakharov prize, or the consequences of Brexit for Irish border dwellers. More than 190 videos have been produced in just over a year, and we are proud the client seems quite satisfied!

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