Islamic Games coverage in Azerbaidjan

Showcasing the achievements of athletes’ from 54 countries, in 20 sports, 24 disciplines and close to 1600 medals: this was AFP-Services’ challenge. It was addressed by the AFP-Services team at the 4th Islamic Games, held in Baku, capital city of Azerbaidjan from May 12 to 22, 2017. In order to provide live photo and text contents for the website, AFP-Services sent eight journalists writing in three languages (English, French and Arabic), six photographers, three photo editors, one technician and one project coordinator.

The mission our team accepted was to tell the story of the big events, take photos of all finals and medal ceremonies, as well as coverage of at least one athlete in each delegation. The mission was well accomplished. Overall, more than 4000 photographs and 350 articles were delivered,  before, during and after the competition. Yet one more challenge to be addressed: put together a coffee table book celebrating the event for the organizational committee. “We were able to respond to the client’s requirements, without a glitch”, coordinator Johanna Leguerre said.

Hailing from France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden or Lebanon, members of the AFP-Services team quickly became a close-knit family, despite a couple of transportation issues or language conundrums with the Azerbaijanis. “It was the first time our AFP-Services team worked with AFP staff, said Johanna. We were able to rely on their experience and (the Agency’s) logistics”.

What’s more, the team can henceforth boast knowing all about wushu or zurkaneh, two traditional martial arts in competition at Baku 2017!

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