Covering the French elections for the Orange website

In order to feed the dedicated “Elections” page on the website, 7 days a week from 7am to 23pm (and much later on election nights), the team showed both its reactivity (by covering live events) and its creativity. The presidential and the legislative elections were an occasion to work on innovative formats, with high added value and inducing strong user engagement, such as quizzes, video edits, explainer etc, yet without giving up on thoroughness.

It all turned out to be worth the gamble, in terms of page views and time spent on the website by visitors. It was also the first time we could use the AFP “live” broadcast to cover the news. The roaring success of the operation show the know-how of AFP-Services journalists: reliability of journalistic work and innovative tools. The multi-skilled team was also in charge of monitoring social media accounts for Orange News.

Islamic Games coverage in Azerbaidjan© John Hefti/AFP-Services/CONCACAF