On one rainy and foggy morning, as only November sees them, came a request from the European Commission asking the video service to put together an image bank on the Vocational Education and Training (VET). The deadline is December 3, and there are a dozen schools to cover, scattered at the four corners of Europe. Portugal, Italy, Greece, the UK, are among the countries which our team of one VJ and one producer will be visiting in less than a fortnight. The producers have less than one week to organize their trip, book plane fares, hotels, and set up meetings in all ten countries. But nothing is impossible for AFP-Services ! Our producers, both born-adventurers having a contact-list thicker than the phonebook, accept the challenge heartily.

The two world hikers pack their suitcases to face the Finnish snow, the British drizzle and the Austrian sunshine. The best memory about this trip is the heartfelt welcome given by the schools, each of which had their specialty: beauty in Greece, fashion in Como, Italy, and factory work in Lille, France. Each was specific, and all had the same goal, to train young Europeans to enter the professional world.

After the 60-minute long image bank was edited and approved by the European Commission, our two producers finally enjoyed a well-deserved rest and the much-appreciated congratulations of Commissionner Marianne Thyssen!