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AFP-Services brings the speed, relevance and experience of an international news organization to the world of corporate and institutional communications.  Drawing on a global network of 250 video reporters and 350 photographers, we offer a unique mix of world-class news savvy and marketing knowhow — anywhere & anytime.  AFP-Services is grounded in the resources, network and access of parent company Agence France-Presse, one of the biggest news gathering operations on the planet. “Anywhere & anytime, any platform & any language”

AFP-Services creates the original content you need. We have the world covered with an unrivalled network of 600 news-savvy video journalists & photographers. Anywhere, any time.

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AFP’s new Web-based multimedia platform, AFP Forum, delivers all the agency’s media content – video, photo, videographics and graphics – as well as instant access to decades of archival material, all in a few clicks.  Millions of stories and photos, hundreds of thousands of videos and graphics.  AFP Forum offers AFP-Services clients a direct pipeline to thousands of media organizations serving the world, including broadcast television channels that subscribe to AFPTV, and invites them to view and download content free-of-charge and rights-free.

AFP-Services can dedicate a team of journalists to the production of tailor-made content, the adaptation of existing content (AFP’s or other), news website or portal  management,  creation of news alerts, social networks management (Twitter, Facebook…). The objective  is  to ensure reactivity,  quality and top-of-the-range SEO. This service comes with a  close customer relationship.


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